Maritime & Container Terminals

Control and digitize the document flow in your port ecosystem

Manage your crucial maritime flows

In the maritime world, everything is big. As a major stakeholder, you have to oversee some very diverse flows. And you need the ability to oversee and manage them 24/7.

Montova has the right tools to make that happen.  


Be in control of your lifeline flows

Container terminals are hubs of intense activity. Being able to connect and integrate any new partner fast and without hassle proves you to be trustworthy and able to handle growth.

You don’t just keep track of one-to-one flows. You more and more oversee complex flows with various partners and stekaholders: transport companies of all sorts, the port authorities, the customs, and of course the end customers of your business.



The Montova EDI Desk gives you the power you react to circumstances and changes quickly so operations don’t get interrupted. That includes a fast resolution of issues, a necessity in a world where ships are waiting and the container flow must keep moving.


Stacked containers

A technical solution you can trust

Montova allows an easy integration with your TOS and any other back-end systems (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Infor...). For the partners you connect to, there is no impact or hassle whatsoever.

Via the EDI Desk, you can handle formats and content on the fly, including any changes that need to be implemented. In addition, you can choose which elements you want to keep under your own management, and which you want us to manage.


Managed by us

Montova is a fully managed cloud solution. That means it scales automatically with your business. And most importantly: all maintenance, updating, configuration is taken care of by us. It is a secure platform that can be audited anytime through its extensive logging.

Montova is future proof: it can deal with existing and future platforms or API connections.