Integrations that work - no matter what

Integrating all your communication 

Imagine communicating with external partners, as easily as if they were part of your internal organisation. Montova smooths out all differences and make sure you are on the same page with your partners, every step of the process.


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One connectivity solution: Montova Gateway

Step 1: we seamlessly connect your internal system to the Montova Cloud

No matter which system you have, we will connect you through the Montova Gateway to the Montova Cloud. The Montova Gateway meets high security standards and its setup is easy, with minimal impact for you – we do the main legwork.  

The Montova Gateway will be your single point of communication with the outside world, conveniently managed by Montova.

If you run SAP, Microsoft Navision, Infor M3, Oracle Netsuite or any other ERP or other backend system you want to add, we take care of the integration.

You may want to run this solution on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid set-up. Through our physical, virtual and cloud versions of the Montova Gateway, we can see what works best for you.

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Benefits of Montova Gateway


We monitor the gateway and take care of its maintenance and keeping it up-to-date.


Works with any back-end system in any set-up.

Managed solution

Requiring no monitoring from internal resources, freeing up time for other tasks. Also no need to install local software or have separate expensive software licenses.

Real end-to-end insight

With the gateway attached to your own network gives you a unique view on all flows, a view that is absent in other solutions.



Montova understands and translates all formats of data and messages

Step 2: We are your interpreter-of-all-trades and translate data between you and your partners

Montova converts any format or type of message from your partners into the formats you use, and conversely.

For a complete automation, a conversion or translation between your own message formats and those used by partners will be necessary. Even if you use the same communication standards as some of your partners, a different interpretation or use of that standard can still cause differences and misunderstandings.

“Montova plays a vital role under the hood of our supply chain. We can only achieve the level of service we want to give our customers thanks to Montova’s efficient integration flows.”

All these conversions can be automated, no matter how complex they may seem. Which is good news, because it means that you can collaborate with external partners as if they were part of your own organisation. 

Montova has years of experience in data conversions and in smoothing out differences. We translate the message exchange, so that you and your partners can keep on working as you have always done.  

Benefits of Montova Mapping
  • Easy to use.
  • Scales to your needs.
  • The setup and maintenance of the conversion mappings are part of model – just leave it to us.
  • No need to commit internal resources - this is our expertise.
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Montova routes data and messages to any channel and protocol

Step 3: We get the communication channel with your partners up-and-running, without hassle and in the way they prefer

Montova connects you to any channel and protocol your partner may be using.  

You’re sure to have noticed: your partners use a plethora of communication channels and standards, often not the same as you use. Montova can link you to all of them, routing messages to and from whatever protocol is needed. This ranges from SFTP, AS2, HTTP, email to REST and many more.

Benefits of Montova Routing

  • Any channel is covered.
  • Montova may advise you on which channels to prefer depending on the required speed and security.
  • Montova can also cover the communication on the side of your partners if needed.