Distribution & wholesale

Take stock of your inventory and increase speed and customer satisfaction

Inventory automation: better business and happier customers 

Keeping your customers coming back, keeping them satisfied and earning their trust is crucial.

That includes a speedy, flawless delivery. But to do so, you need a continuous and correct view on your inventory. And automated ways to predict and prevent shortages.

All this can be enabled through a tight supply chain integration. An integration that automates the business processes that drive your revenue.


Montova makes you an easy company to do business with

Whether you or your partners have big distribution centres serving large regions, whether you sell building equipment to DIY shops, or fast moving consumer goods such as food and beverage … Montova ties it all together. Adding speed and integration, while lowering the TCO, the cost of doing business.

With Montova, you can quickly and flexibly onboard partners, without hassle for them.  Montova adds speed and the ability to resolve issues fast so you don’t miss valuable orders.


Montova connects and automates your crucial business processes, giving you end-to-end visibility on for example complete order-to-cash or purchase-to-pay business flows.

With views that can be customized depending on the people and roles involved. 



Easy for your IT team as well

Via the Montova Gateway, Montova integrates your back-office systems (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft...). The integration is open to any system , connecting via any protocol that may be required.

The Montova Cloud ensures a connection to the newest technologies and digital marketplaces, through both API integration and EDI flows.

Our experts have acquired an extensive expertise in EDI formats and documents typical for Distribution , including Forecast Data, Orders, Shipment Notices and Warehouse Stock Transfers.


Managed by us

The Montova portal allows for fast issue resolution and live troubleshooting. It also enables you to easily assign roles and responsibilities.

Montova is a fully managed cloud solution. That means it scales automatically with your business. And most importantly: all maintenance, updating, configuration is taken care of by us.