A fully visible and transparent communication flow

Transparency: often overlooked but crucial

Having the data flows between you and your partners running smoothly is one thing. But being able to view and trace what is going on at any time or at any point is of equal importance. It allows you ease of mind, the knowledge that you can answer to all questions or audits, follow the business both high-level and up close, and be free of surprises.

Montova provides you with such visibility and transparency, leaving no information gaps or black holes in your business.


The MyMontova portal, your central hub for transparency

As a Montova customer, you have your own dedicated and personalized MyMontova portal. This is the central hub through which you may access your communication flows and data. In whichever level of depth you’d want: from a bird’s eye overview to a detailed in-depth view.

The MyMontova portal offers a high level of security, including 2-factor authentication. It also includes user management, so you can give your employees access to information on the basis of what they’d need to see and know.

Adding Business Flows, transparency with a boost

Whereas MyMontova offers already loads of insight, the information remains relatively technical. Some users may need an extra level, where information is grouped in a view specifically for them. A level also where they can search in their own business language, selecting among order numbers, invoice numbers or any other step in the flows. A level where they get to pick-and-choose their primary angle of interest.

System abstract

Montova Alerting: proactive transparency

What if you could receive proactive notifications? Alarms about issues, inconsistencies or unexpected behavior in the data flows? Warnings that would allow you to look into the matter before it becomes a bigger issue? Montova alerting services can be set up to do just that.

Want to discuss how Montova alerting can help you? What it can add to your business?