Logistics and transportation

Supply chain solutions for third-party logistics (3PL) and logistic automation

Flexible integration: the extra edge for logistics

It would allow smoother business processes, better results, and room to grow and take on new opportunities. Montova has made it its mission to do exactly that. A recognized leader in logistics integration, it helps build transparent supply chains that integrate all industries and all processes worldwide.

Providers of third-party logistics (3PL) and logistic automation often have to tie together many loose ends in their IT and communication. The option of a future-proof integration of communication flows would give them an extra edge.


Connecting the dots, making your business fly

We’ve listened to business owners and entrepreneurs like you, carefully building our solution so that it caters for some on your greatest needs and pains.

Montova makes it possible to add new trading partners and projects in a fast and smooth way. Moreover, it allows connecting to all agents in the logistic chain such as manufacturers, shippers, carriers, freight brokerages, customs, and 3PLs. With Montova, there’s no need to cobble together expensive ad-hoc solutions that are difficult to manage and maintain.

Our solution can be set up to automatically retrieve and send crucial business documents such as orders, shipping notices, delivery notes…

All your operations, such as stock management, shipping to suppliers, settling invoices and order processing are handled transparently and efficiently. The basis is a tight integration and the automatic exchange of electronic data. This cuts out most of the human interventions, minimizes the chances of mistakes, and avoids costly delays in the supply chains.

The MyMontova portal gives you a 100% visibility and insight in all ongoing transactions and statuses. This allows you to offer a smooth and improved customer service and support.

Last, what may solve one of the major issues of logistics businesses: With Montova, the supply chain cost can be kept under control and made predictable again.


Under the hood: intelligence, integration, scalability

Montova allows for any-to-any integration, connecting to any required protocol. It can thus easily and flexibly meet almost all requests and requirements, even in such a diverse environment as a logistics chain in which many actors are operating with widely varying technologies.

Because it can connect all systems and protocols, Montova can act as a centralized communication hub, giving you better control over all flows of data and goods.

Montova can expand your integration through real-time and automated API integration that helps you get the most out of your TMS or ERP. It also seamlessly routes EDI transactions to your back-end systems through the Montova gateway, connecting to any legacy systems or current ERP, TMS or WMS.

Scale as you want, Montova Cloud will follow your growth with zero impact on your IT infrastructure

A transparent pricing and cost model ensures that you will not have unpleasant cost surprises

“Montova plays a vital role under the hood of our supply chain. We can only achieve the level of service we want to give our customers thanks to Montova’s efficient integration flows.”