Document automation

Automated digitization of any document without errors

What is Document Automation?

With Document Automation, any document that is now still treated manually can be converted into a digital format. From then on, it can be handled in an automated, controlled, error-free way.

The digital format to which the document is converted can be any, depending on the needs and requirements. Examples are PDF, CSV, …

A particularly relevant business case is order automation. Orders might normally come in via emails with for example PDF attachments. These PDFs can then be printed and entered into the ordering system. But with Montova, the orders can be captured automatically. That way, the ordering process can be automated and streamlined. Other such processes are invoicing, or preparing customs documents. 

With Montova, you’ll have a faster process with fewer errors. A faster capture and handling of for example incoming orders will eventually result in faster delivery, happier partners, and faster invoicing. Also, you’ll avoid the costly errors that inevitably come with manual entry. 

In addition,you’ll be saving both on resources and operational costs. It will no longer be necessary to capture and print documents, and then enter them manually into IT systems. That way, your employees have more time to focus on value-adding tasks.

Montova offers you a centralized, transparent view on documents and processes through a dedicated portal. For your convenience, Montova stores the various formats of a document, including the original incoming document and the converted format.

Montova allows you to scale and flexibly grow your business. With Montova, you have the tools to connect any business partner. It doesn’t matter what their IT capabilities are, or how fast they work. You can connect to them without any changes on their side.


How does it work?

At the start of the project, we collect examples of the documents that are sent between you and your business partners. Together we then define what content needs to be captured and handled in your systems.

Our Montova experts then map the formats to each other and configure the channel (for example email) to automatically capture the documents.

Next, we implement the flow in Montova, and after a test run we move the flow to the live environment.  You can now visualize and check every step on your Montova Portal.

Platform overview

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