Katoen Natie  “We need to act and integrate fast when business opportunities come by - Montova makes sure it gets done through short communication lines and expertise" 

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A global player in value-added logistics for which Montova facilitates steep growth

Katoen Natie – a global logistics supplier

Katoen Natie is a worldwide supplier of value-added logistics and applied engineering. With a staff of 16,000 employees, Katoen Natie supports the supply chain of various industries, such as port operations, petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, food & feed and consumer & industrial goods.

A seamless integration between Katoen Natie and its customers’ systems is crucial for a sustained competitive advantage. These integrations require a high level of customization, for which the development and support can get very complex. For the past 10 years, Montova has taken care of those integrations, while Katoen Natie focused on improving its systems, processes and facilitating customer growth.


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The challenge of Katoen Natie

Within the different industries that Katoen Natie operates, customers tend to have specific and diverse requirements. For this reason, Katoen Natie clusters customers that are closely related in ‘business lines’, amplifying the effects of improvements in systems and processes.

So when it comes to data exchange and specific customer requests in terms of speed, message grouping, splitting or other complex operations, Katoen Natie calls on the expertise of Montova.

“The partnership with Montova enabled us to focus on our growth and to support an impressive 125 integrations and exchange of 70 million electronic messages with our customers in 2020. With a booming e-commerce business and the support of Montova, we expect these numbers to grow exponentially in the near future”

The partnership with Montova is one that strengthens Katoen Natie’s capabilities to provide reliable and flexible integrations. Contrary to any other hit-and-run supplier, Montova embeds itself into every business case. It can offer that level of service because of its organizational structure, consisting of short communication and decision lines. This approach matches greatly with Katoen Natie.

Of crucial importance for every integration is the possibility to scale fast and flexibly. Katoen Natie’s business runs 24/7, is dynamic and growing, therefore it must be able to respond quickly to new opportunities, whatever the size. At the same time, the deployment leadtime and integration costs need to be predictable, so as not to undermine the business cases.   

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Montova’s expertise and solution

Whenever a business has to connect and integrate its internal IT systems with those of its current and future partners, Montova is probably the solution to consider. Montova’s experts have gathered a wide and deep experience with integrating all types of industries and solutions. It has become the core of our business.



At Katoen Natie, Montova’s specialists were able to come up with a solution for every specific business need. One example was a dedicated setup for a complex, high-volume information flow that had to meet stringent and demanding communication requirements.

As a managed cloud solution, Montova’s setup and flows are able to scale with the growth and requirement of Katoen Natie.

Its 24/7 support and management ensure a reliable, uninterrupted business continuity anywhere, anytime.


Mutual commitment

What made Montova especially attractive for Katoen Natie was a twofold commitment.

First, Montova and Katoen Natie maintain a short communication line, enabling them to react lightning-fast on new developments and opportunities.

Second, Montova’s subscription-based pricing model allows Katoen Natie to predict its communication costs easily and transparently.