Business Flows

Direct and actionable business insight of crucial flows

What is Business Flows? 

As a standard option, the MyMontova portal allows you to view all your data. But what about the full business processes? Can you also view them in detail, end-to-end?

That is exactly what Business Flows enables. With this functionality enabled, you can search and find all the data you need, efficiently grouped in dedicated views. The result is direct and actionable insight.


How can Business Flows help ?

Business Flows offers a view not only on your data, but more importantly on your processes. Take order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay, or any other process that makes your business tick, Business Flows shows you what matters.

Even when multiple parties are involved, Business Flows links the data. That way, you can see where each process is at, at any point in time. 

Business Flows gives you direct, actionable insights. This includes actions such as resending invoices from the same portal.



How does it make life easier ?

Overall, Montova assumes many of the tasks that you’d otherwise have to manage separately. The result is a markedly lower workload, freeing IT resources for real business questions.

Montova, for example, helps you integrate your security keeping it consistent across the board. Also, key information such as order numbers or container references are automatically indexed, making searching fast and easy.  And you need to fiddle less with your ERP systems. Invoices, for example, can be resent from Business Flows without having to revert to your ERP system.

How does it work?

Together, we identify the processes that critically matter to you.

For these, you can choose from standard flows such as OTC or P2P, or we set up a tailor-made process for you. It’s as quick as playing with building blocks.

We then set up the flows and you are ready to go, with all the tools to get actionable insights and take action when needed.