Automated, electronic invoicing connects all businesses worldwide

Taking the hassle out of e-invoicing

E-invoicingsending and receiving invoices in digital formatis a huge opportunity for businesses. Still, if your company is doing cross-border invoicing, you’ll have run into challenges. What are the mandatory formats and authorizations in the various countries? The best delivery methods? How to keep track of delivery and invoice status?  

E-invoices are subject to various legal requirements depending on the country of origin and destination. They may have to pass through certified channels or instances before being sent to customers, getting additional digital authorizations and stamps. These may highly differ; in Europe the PEPPOL network is important, but in India or Latin America other rules apply.

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to be bothered. Just enter the invoicing data and press the button, no matter where the invoice needs to be delivered.

Montova, experts in connecting businesses, has built a solution that does just that. Taking your raw invoicing data, and converting it to any e-invoicing format that is required. Complementing it with digital validation and signature, we send it to the end customer along the preferred channel.

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What’s in it for you?

Major cost savings.

An automated, paperless solution like Montova’s brings down the invoicing costs at organizations with an average 60%.  

Faster invoicing/faster payments.

The faster you send invoices, the faster they will be paid.

Less valuable resources needed.

Our commercial people will spend less time with administration, so they’ll have more time to add value.

Better compliance.

There’s no getting around it: e-invoicing is gradually becoming mandatory for B2B invoices.


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Why go for the Montova solution? 

Simple and elegant.

All complexity is hidden under the Montova hood.

Worldwide compliance.

We take care of standards and regulations. 

Managed, future-proof solution.

This means less effort and headaches for you.

User-friendly portal.

Giving you easy access to our solutions.


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Need more reasons ? 

Flexible invoice delivery.
  • Direct via all protocols
  • Via networks such as PEPPOL
  • Via a safe invoice vault where customers can download invoices
Easy access to invoice archive.

All invoices are viewable anytime. They are stored for the period that is legally required.

Optional API.

For direct access to invoicing from your ERP system.

"As a global company, we needed a partner that could make sure we meet our e-invoicing compliancy globally. Montova proved to be the correct choice to take this into their hands, as they manage the full process for us. "

The delivery process can be customized to the requirements of the invoice receiver, and includes:

  • Structured formats such as EDIFACT, XML, CSV etc. for successful EDI Integration
  • PDF attachments per email (with delivery confirmation)
  • Direct delivery via third-party networks such as PEPPOL
Platform overview

Our foundations

One communication hub for smooth and flexible connections with all your partners. By using the Montova network you open up the vast potential of collaboration between you and other businesses.