Managed connections with your business partners across all EDI standards, integration levels and communication protocols.

Why you need EDI 

EDI guarantees seamless system-to-system communication.

It gives the edge of reliability your customers and suppliers expect and they can rest assured collaborating with you will be quick to setup, efficient and clear.

The many advantages of EDI fuel your business growth and make your company future-proof. EDI helps you lower your operational cost as it replaces time-consuming manual work. Besides, automated processes reduce the chance of errors to virtually zero, which also saves you a lot of time and money and require a lot less resources and attention from your IT team to keep things up and running. 
Your IT team no longer needs to spend hours on daily monitoring and troubleshooting, as everything is automated and simplified. There is no need to keep an eye on disparate integration systems: all data flows across one managed B2B hub.Your personalized MyMontova portal offers all the visibility you could want from high- level reports to every granular detail.
EDI keeps you on your toes, agile and ready to deal with anything that may come your way in the future. As your strategic partner, we will make sure you are flexible enough to quickly deal with change. After all: your partners count on you, whatever happens.
Whether it’s you or your partner hat drives the need for EDI, close automated collaboration gives you an important edge over your competitors.

Data center connected

How does the implementation work

The first thing we do when onboarding you into the Montova Cloud is to check if all your systems are linked through our unique Gateway appliance. That goes for any type of system: on-premises, virtual or cloud-based. By making this our first priority, we can ensure deep integration without installing any local software and without buying expensive licenses. 

Next, we convert and validate data between your partners’ formats and your own.

All possible types of EDI formats and standards are under our control  such as :

  • XML
  • JSON
  • X12
  • UBL
  • or anything else you might need.


This means that any transformation can be automated, no matter how complex it is. Which in turn means that you can easily collaborate with external partners as if they were part of your own organization. 

Finally, we route the messages to whatever protocol is needed, including : 

  • AS2
  • SFTP
  • HTTP
  • OFTP2
  • SOAP
  • email
  • REST
  • And more !
Mapping EDI messages data Conversion
"Our partners use different formats and communication methods. With Montova we're sure we can handle all requests so we don't lose our momentum during times of change."

We want to get to know you, your business and the challenges you face. We will also assess your EDI setup together and identify any needs you might not even be aware of yet. Why? Because that is the only way we can propose the perfect EDI setup to fit your specific needs. 
We prepare the communication setup, conversions that are needed on get in touch with your partners for routing the messages. Before you know it we will get your new and improved communication flows up and running – after testing everything thoroughly of course.
As a cloud platform, Montova is designed to scale and easily accessible plus we take care of maintaining it keeping the hub future-proof to cover both proven and emerging technologies.
Once everything is up and running, we monitor and manage your connections constantly. We are here for you when you need EDI support, but you can also check every flow yourself at any time in your personal dashboard

Platform overview

Our foundations

One communication hub for smooth and flexible connections with all your partners. By using the Montova network you open up the vast potential of collaboration between you and other businesses.