How to find a Peppol Certified Service Provider?

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If you are starting Peppol, finding a reliable certified Peppol service provider is the first step. In this article, we explain the role of Peppol service providers, and how to find and what to consider when deciding on your service provider.

What is Peppol?

"Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an international e-procurement network and interoperability framework designed to streamline electronic document exchange between businesses, particularly in the public sector."

If you want to learn more about Peppol, read the full article about Peppol.

Do I need to join the Peppol Network?

Following the Peppol network and its standards is not mandatory for all businesses. However, there are certain cases where following Peppol may be required or highly beneficial, particularly in the context of public procurement.

In Europe, public entities are increasingly adopting Peppol as a standard for electronic procurement processes. If your business interacts with public entities or participates in public procurement, following Peppol standards may become a requirement imposed by those entities.

But also, with organizations that follow Peppol in the private sector, applying Peppol in your organization allows you to align with a standardized framework for electronic document exchange, promoting interoperability and streamlined communication as well.

How can I start Peppol Network?

To start exchanging electronic documents through the Peppol network, you need to partner with a Peppol Certified Service Provider. Peppol service providers act as intermediaries that bridge the gap between your organization and the Peppol network.

What does a Peppol Service Provider do?

Peppol Service Provider roles

The roles of Peppol Service Providers could be categorized into three key areas: Onboarding, Facilitating the Network, and Support.

Firstly, when an organization decides to join the Peppol Network, the organization must collaborate with a service provider to navigate the onboarding process. During this phase, they will receive essential components like the Peppol Access Point and Identifier (ID), as well as technical integration support.

Secondly, once the organization is prepared to become a part of the Peppol Network. The Service Provider will offer them a document conversion service, allowing them to transform their existing business documents into Peppol-compatible formats, such as UBL (Universal Business Language) or CII (Cross-Industry Invoice). Peppol Service Providers ensure that the electronic documents are formatted correctly and aligned to the Peppol standards. 

Additionally, Service Providers may provide document automation, validation, and compliance checks to ensure completeness and alignment with regulatory and Peppol standards. They handle the routing and delivery of messages/documents to the appropriate recipients while securing your data.

Finally, certain providers offer archiving and storage solutions for electronic documents, ensuring the secure and readily accessible storage of their business transactions. You will also be offered monitoring and reporting features, allowing them to track the status of their document exchanges and gain valuable insights into their transaction activities.


How to find a Peppol Certified Service Provider?

To find certified Peppol Service Providers, you can visit the Peppol website. Here you can find the full list of Peppol Certified Service Providers and their country with Contact info.

Montova is also one of the certified Peppol Service Providers, listed under the company group name 'Brain2' (Brainsquare).

Peppol certified Service Providers list - Montova/ Brain2

Things to consider when deciding on your service provider

Check Point 1. Peppol Expertise

Ensure that the service provider is officially certified by Peppol and has a strong understanding of the Peppol framework, standards, and protocols.

Check Point 2. Technical Competence

The service provider should be able to implement and manage complex electronic document exchange systems. Verify their technical expertise in areas such as EDI, data formats, and secure data transmission protocols (such as AS2, AS4).

Check Point 3. Integration Capabilities

More Peppol Access Point is integrated into your ERP, the business processes become easy. Check the provider's ability to integrate Peppol with your existing ERP, procurement, and accounting systems.

Check Point 4. Security Measures

Peppol involves the exchange of sensitive business information. Ensure the service provider follows robust security practices.

Check Point 5. Scalability and Future-Proofing

Consider whether the solution provided by the service provider can accommodate your organization's growth and evolving needs. The solution should be scalable and adaptable to changes in technology and business requirements.

Check Point 6. Support and Maintenance

Check the level of ongoing support. A reliable service provider should be available for assistance, troubleshooting, and updates as needed.

Check Point 7. Cost and Pricing Structure

Understand the implementation, licensing, and ongoing maintenance costs.

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